Learn how to issue a Federal Revenue Collection Document (DARF)

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Learn how to issue a Federal Revenue Collection Document (DARF)

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Every entrepreneur knows the importance of always being up to date with tax obligations and how this positively reflects on the stability and growth of the company. Keeping yourself free of tax debts is one of the rules of entrepreneurship and one of the first steps towards success, as it allows you to work safely and peacefully. However, given the amount and diversity of taxes to be paid, this task is not always as simple as it seems, and can generate doubts and insecurity in entrepreneurs when it comes time to pay off such debts.

The DARF Federal Revenue Collection Document is one of the most used and important collection documents. Established by the Ministry of Finance and Federal Revenue, it presents itself as one of the main responsible for taking tax revenue to the public coffers. For this reason, being familiar with it is an Consumer Email List essential requirement for every entrepreneur. Do you have questions about what it is and what it's for? Follow today's post and learn right now! What is DARF? DARF is the acronym that stands for the Federal Revenue Collection Document and, as the name itself says, it is a document responsible for taking a considerable portion of the collection to the federal public coffers.


Used by both individuals and legal entities the guides can be paid monthly quarterly semi-annually and even annually, depending on the taxes to be collected. The document makes life a lot easier for the entrepreneur, since, through it, it is possible to unify the payment of various taxes, fees and contributions in a single collection guide, avoiding wear and loss of time in queues. Some of the main taxes paid by companies through DARF are the IRPJ (Corporate Income Tax), PIS (Social Integration Program), COFINS (Contribution to the Financing of Social Security) and other contributions to the INSS (National Institute of Social Security).