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Promotional Calendar 2022 Get Ready for Important E-Commerce Dates

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Promotional Calendar 2022 Get Ready for Important E-Commerce Dates

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Commemorative dates are great opportunities to make your business reach new heights and rock sales. Want to know how to prepare for important e-commerce dates in 2022? Come with us! Sales opportunities come and go throughout the year, but only entrepreneurs who plan can make them big moments for their businesses. To know how to prepare and ensure great sales during this period, it is important to know a little about your own business. Knowing how to explore your niche segments and being present on important dates requires the creation of a sales calendar and a careful study of the steps to be followed to implement your business strategies. Want to know what to do to ensure success.

Come with us build your own sales calendar! There are dates that commerce is already used to preparing to sell, but while they don't arrive, nothing prevents you from invoicing with dates focused on the segment you serve in your e-commerce. Creating your Whatsapp phone number list own sales calendar is important in these cases, as it allows you to invoice on “not so common” dates, and to be able to position yourself in the market, showing yourself to be relevant on those dates. For this, it is interesting that you know your segment well and know how to explore it, addressing the strengths of your company. Some aspects need to be taken into account when preparing, such as.


Know your niche if you invest in book sales, for example, january 7 is reader's day, and april 23 is world book day. Ideal dates for you to do a sales campaign. If your business is fitness clothing, equipment and supplies, february 19th is sportsman's day, and you can take advantage of the date to launch a sales campaign aimed at practitioners of some sports. Ideally, you should do in-depth research on dates and establish dates that align with your sales and marketing strategy. Then, just get your hands dirty! Know your audience as in the previous examples, suppose you have an e-commerce for books and nerd pride day, may 25th, is approaching.